This is an amazing machine that every city should have


You won’t believe if i say paving a long brick street at once is an easy task, but it is. Watch this video, then you will believe me. There is a truck loaded with a machine. Engineers take that machine down and get it to the work.You will be surprised when you will see that you get an instant brick road paved by this machine. This machine is simply amazing and it is sensorised and remotely controlled. This machine is known as Tiger Stone paving machine, designed ergonomically by Henk van Kuijk, director of Dutch industrial company Vanku. Later on this machine has been manufactured by some other companies as well. This video is by Teglako manufacturing company, located at Veszprem, Hungary. This machine can pave the whole street at once including edge finishing. The paving quality is very high and it is very east to operate.